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•  One cable for all compatible panels.
•  No panel specific adaptors.
•  No cable cutting and stripping.

DSC: Power Series1864, Power Series1832, Power Series1616.
IDS: 805, X64 (old and new).
Paradox: SP6000, SP6000+, MG5050, MG5050+, SP65, EVO.
Texecom: Premier 412, 816 , 832, Elite 168.

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pod app

•  Up-sell app functions to existing customers, or gain new customers by selling pod’s unique features.
•  Users can monitor and control their alarm system from their smart phone or internet browser.
•  Alarm control and home automation features can be added, monitored and controlled from a single app.
•  Automatic zone label synchronizing and/or custom zone and area labeling with live walkthrough assistance.

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pod app
pod app
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pod app
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C30 GSM base station

• Stress-free plug and play installation with multiple connection options, including RS232, Ethernet, and USB connections, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
• Dual cellular networks (as primary) and Ethernet (as secondary), each serving as a fail-over for the other, providing reliable and uninterrupted connectivity.
• Touch screen display with intuitive user interface and statuses.
• Compatible with current and future RDC GSM communicators.
• Remote monitoring and management capabilities enable easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
• Full event and error logging for up to
• 1 year, for hindsight troubleshooting.
• Support for multiple antenna types and high-gain options for optimized reception and coverage.

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