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  Witness the development of the next generation of alarm communication products - the game-changing TX890 VHF transmitter.
At birth, this little genius can see, hear, measure, calculate and, best of all, be quiet on demand.
    It listens

This baby has a receiver on-board,
enhancing the traditional VHF radio like never before.
Units no longer transmit blindly.
They can hear when to transmit and know if
their messages have been successfully forwarded.
Mmmm, very nice!
    Small but totally cool

When it comes to technology,
smaller is always better.
The stylish new enclosure is almost half
the size of its predecessors.


Plenty of grey matter

Being the ultimate brainbox,
it measures signal strength and calculates the minimum
amount of energy needed for successful transmission.
By doing this, our little whizz kid minimises bandwidth
usage and sterilisation area.


Frequency flexible

Intuitively, units are able to switch between
multiple different frequencies if needed.
    The result? Maximum reliability

The result of all of this is massive reductions in frequency congestion
and improved reliability. Would you expect anything less from RDC?



Exclusive to RDC

Our bright new ideas won’t be available from any other supplier, so you have the upper hand.
Patent pending - RSA Patent Appln. No. 2014/08669


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