Established in 1978, Radio Data Communications (PTY) Ltd has unequalled experience in VHF communication for alarm monitoring. The company has supplied over 1.5 million VHF transmitter units and has over 400 radio networks located in South Africa and around the world. 

VHF network infrastructures have been established around the country, making it simple and fast for security companies to monitor VHF based alarm communication in their control rooms. 

RDC focuses on security communication with a strong legacy of quality products and personal service. An in- house development team is constantly looking at market behaviour and developing new technologies to meet the needs of the market. GSM and SMS based systems for alarm communication are available, offering expanded features and coverage for alarm communication. In keeping with the focus on personal service, RDC offers a number of value added services including 24hr, 365 days a year technical support.

•  24-Hour, 365-day technical support. RDC offers the most comprehensive backup in the industry.
•  Frequency management department. RDC handles all frequency-related issues for clients, from
planning new frequencies and dealing with ICASA applications to keeping precise records.
The result? Security companies can concentrate on fighting crime instead of paperwork.
•  Installation training courses. RDC provides a comprehensive transmitter installation course to
ensure the highest possible installation standards.
•  ” Always-in-stock” philosophy. We stay committed to our customers by always having stock
ready for final programming and individual customer setup.